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Administrators and Game Masters will NEVER ask you for your password by any type of contact (Eg: Skype, Facebook, email, etc.) or any other type of communication that may arise in the future. The l2glory does not send emails to their users requesting registration update or any other matter that requests some data, does not have other communities (called "Social Networks"), in addition to those disclosed in this site and do not use programs chat like Whatsapp, Skype, Gtalk or any other type of electronic communication. There are a lot of people trying to create communities on sites like Facebook, Twitter and others, and saying that communities is officials of our server. Usually these communities are full of viruses or programs that can steal your username and password. Do not accept jokes, do not lose your account. TAKE CARE OF YOUR PASSWORD. IF SOMEONE GET YOUR PASSWORD, ADMINISTRATORS AND GAME MASTERS CANNOT DO ANYTHING TO HELP.


The use of bugs in your advantage or other users is not allowed. In case of infringement of this rule will be given notice. The following will be expulsion. If you have discovered a bug, notify an administrator, in private chat. Advertising of server bugs that can be used for the benefit of other users, user will be banned without notice. Use the non-knowledge of system over beginners to take advantage as stealing items, imprisoning him, among other situations that could harm it is against the rules, so if an evidence is submitted, the user will get punishment of banned.The Game Masters team feels that it is impossible to police all situations in a fair way, so we recommend that users exercise caution before exchange their items. As mentioned above, Game Masters are not allowed to return items caught by other users, or something like that. Items are entirely responsibility of this user. If you can prove who was who stole your item or account, GM may ban user accounts, but cannot return you the stolen items. * IT'S NOT RECOMMENDED TO SHARE ACCOUNTS, SHARE ITEMS, ETC., to avoid kind of problem. In the case of one of these recommendations are ignored, there is no right to claim. The user who persist in bothering the administrators to posts in the Forum or any other type of contact with matters of the kind, will have their accounts banned immediately. That is, if you get involved in confusion, solve by your own NEVER BOTHER THE ADMINISTRATORS WITH THESE TYPE OF ISSUES.